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o Stealing slightly from that sexy bitch mr_wunderful, my fave current quote at the moment is from Boy George when he was on The Salon, he was talking to someone and asked if they were straight and they said yes and he said "Straight? it just means straight to my bed". it cracked me up! I am gonna use that line daily.

o I need to update my journal more. I go through phases, you can see it in my posting pattern. Gaps and then loads at once! I am so tired at the moment and have so much to do and need to email people and make stuff ugh.

o This weekend my parents went away to Shropshire on holiday. I am so exhausted cos I always end up doing fucking everything! But I am not bitter about it at all :) Just call me Cinderella. After washing clothes, hanging them to dry and folding them and cleaning up the kitchen and cooking, I don't have any personal time for myself

o good lord I am such a housewife! I admire them so much, yet people look down on them when they write "house wife or husband" on a form ugh.

o My week is so busy and insane next week!

o I hate people with pressure washer's so much! It's like a straight male penis envy thing, "mine is more powerful than yours" etc. Our neighbours got one and then the neighbours next to them got one (two doors away). They use them all the time and they sound like a vacuum cleaner but outside and much louder. The sound is like a dull thudding pain, and the guy 2 doors away uses it for like 2 hours at a time! I nearly went insane this morning!

o I saw a video on The Box for Amerie - I'm Coming Out which is taken from the soundtrack of that movie Maid in Manhattan. (I don't think I would ever wanna see a cheap J-lo remake of "Pretty Woman" ugh). Anyway the song is a DIRECT cover of Diana Ross. I have never heard a more similar exact cover of an old successful song. It got me so mad! What's the point in releasing it again? I guess the record companies want to make some teen pop artist big. Apparently the single and video are only being released in Europe. Why? I think she might get killed in America for covering a diva. I want to come out to my parents whilst playing that song in the background at some point in the future lol

Anyway I should go and sleep :)

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