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random tidbits of insanity

o I hate posting these days cos I can never think of anything funk-tastic to write!

o I installed a php script on my website and the whole world did not end, wonders never cease!

o Madonna doesn't seem to have this protester/making a statement thing down to a T really. Isn't it much more admirable for someone to say their view than being a boyband/girlband/pop idol/pop stars "musician" who isn't allowered to say any of their personal views in fear of losing half their fans. If you don't agree with something, then you should protest and make your voice heard, even by writing a letter or email to someone connected with it. I really don't think I could live with myself if I just shut up and did nothing. I have written to prisons on death row and written to people in America with Amnesty International against the death penalty, I have written letters to free people tortured or imprisoned unfairely. People have started removing their websites because of the war with a message explaining why they have done that. I really admire it and was thinking about it myself and then thought, that its way too a easy option for me to get out of not updating it hehe.

o my love and hugs is with babyty in a difficult time

o a friend of the families husband died two weeks ago. He was in the garden cutting hedges and just laid down and died. He had hermoridging on the brain. Did he wake up with headaches or anything that morning? No one will ever know, but it made me think that anyone could die at any time. At any time, one of our organs could just fail and we could never have predicted it. His funeral was last Monday and he was involved with lots of social groups. There was 250 people at the funeral. I hope I have at least 10 people at mine! My dad did a speech. The whole thing is so weird, its just shocking he has gone, like his health was perfect! things just happen out of the blue

o Graham Norton in New York all this week was brilliant and hilarious ;)

o when a drag queen ( a good one) performs, she mostly mimes and lip synchs songs and should do is so fabulously that it does not look fake! Ms Mariah Carey has mimed on every show I have seen her on so far, and is not good at miming. Thus she should be replaced by a quality drag artist doing the same job, see? Also why does both Mariah and J-lo kill the same old song in both their current songs?

o I have not done a song of the week for about 3 years, lol but Je adore The Androids "Do it With Madonna". The video is brilliant with drag artists fighting and the song got to #1 in Australia last year, so that's my song of the week :)

Song of the Week: The Androids - Do It With Madonna

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