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please follow these simple instructions, and move along...

I added this to my Cam Portal - Join page....

IMPORTANT:~ Several people keep joining my portal with a cam picture that never works in the first place! Please make sure that you provide a current working email address, homepage and camera image link. There is no point in me adding you if your picture is broken in the first place!

People really are that stupid. It has clear instructions, there is like a million cam portals on the net with different images of people in rows/columns/pretty patterns etc. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

I wrote this and fell asleep before posting it, last night, when I was in a really bad/cranky mood, so its possibly more bitchy than normal lol! I stand by it though. I get several people joining each week with a broken picture. I guess you have to give people instructions in clear picture format, cos words are just too hard ;)

tomorrow ~ how to have multiple orgasms sitting on a washing machine ;)

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