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War crap, skip if sick/bored of it all

Currently encircling the internet is this link. It is a news site of the Russian Army. According to that page /news story several English and American troops have died whilst fighting. It claims about 40 troops are dead from the US and several injured and Brits killed too (not from accidents). I am suspicious as the site uses words like "failures" and "mistakes" all the time. It's incredibly anti-western biased

But then I don't think the news I am seeing is the truth either. I think its someplace in the middle of both. There has been a lot of criticism in the UK in the past few days that newspapers and news channels are not showing dead people and injured iraqi's. Often the military is shown on the news with their super missiles and equipment, but shouldn't the consequences also be shown, even if it is ugly and horrid?

This was the front page of The Mirror I guess now yesterday...

The Mirror's Front Page 24/03/2003

Taken from tizzle_b's journal

Their front pages are getting better and better, ugh should I change to it from my usual newspaper. I hardly read newspapers anyway.

The news is starting to do my head in. How much news actually happens to do with the war a day, maybe 15 mins worth? and then 23 hours and 45 mins of speculation. But it's also addictive to just sit there!

Seeing my councillor last week he said that the councilling place had been inundated with people who want councilling with the trauma and stress of war! lol I think by the end of it, most people's heads will have exploded with all the stuff about war. You cannot escape from tv, newspapers and then you go online and on journals some people are pro, some people are against and then on email mailing lists someone starts a argument. There is no escape!

Well unless you throw out all electrical goods and become mormon or something ;)

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