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Better to be red, than dead

new webcam pic = new hair

New Red Streaks

In the end I went to my brother's hair dye bottle and it had been left open to the air and it was a solid, hard red mass, which could no longer be used :( Also me and drunkgothCatherine realised last time we changed our hair - we are too old to do this anymore! It's so tiring and exhausting and you have to remove dye from every place possible and you always lose at least one good towel during it lol :)

So I brought hair extensions :) They are Chilli Red and are synthetic (I.e not real hair, and much cheaper). oh the modern things you can buy online now!

oh btw new thing, I registered at CamSpot.net which keeps a archive of all your old webcam images that you have uploaded. My page is here
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