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I'm such a ring-master/holder/leader!

fireloveD the only person I matched with on the LJ Valentine's Service gave me a web-ring last night (It's like a cockring devoiddroidRich dahhhling but a bit different.

D asked if someone could take over it (old post) because he did not have time for it anymore and it has loads of people on it!

So now I own the True to Myself webring! (Official Homepage)
if you've got a homepage and you meet the rules, you're welcome to join!

I think it will be fun, although I do feel a bit of pressure as there is like 200 sites in the ring. I was clearing the list of people waiting to join last night in the queue and people have such pretty homepages! you get to meet loads of different people. I guess its a bit like my Cam Portal, there is some really gorgeous guys who join! It mostly seems to be huge breasted women and strangely loads of Brazilian people. But its cool, I love new people!

silverThe Artist Formally Known As 'Tristanna' started the webring and she met her lovely guy metroidNoe though it, so maybe I will find a totally gorgeous guy!

I've always wanted a web-ring :)

I am off to Richmond Park and walk the dogster, have a good Sunday!

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