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September Poll

I have decided since I am a funky paying user who can make polls, to do a poll each month. I was gonna do a poll yesterday saying "Should I come out?" but you cannot end the polls, eg they last forever, and you can continue voting. (although you may only vote once).

My first poll is about the World Trade Centre.

In these modern times, buildings are getting more and more taller, and more amazing. With strange styling and glass/mirrored windows and stuff. Normally 40,000 people would be working in each tower. There was about 10,000 people starting work in each tower when the whole horrific events happened.

The head of the London fire brigade would have to have dealt with all the problems if the same thing happened here was on TV talking about the buildings. Apparently in the past in a bomb scare in a simular size building to the WTC it took 3 hours to evacuate. It is no easy thing. That is without panic and fire/smoke/building collapsing around them. WTC was designed so that if there was fire on a floor, then that floor was evacuated, and the 3 floors below it and 1 above. The floor could be sealed off and there would be no problems. This kind of thing was never predicted. The structure could survive most stuff but not this.

Think of the people on the top floor of both those towers.
Should even these buildings have so many people in at once?

This is my September Poll....

(click on the lj-poll link to get the results without voting, you're welcome to leave comments about the poll as normal)

Poll #4801 Building Safety

Should there be more fire safety at these modern huge buildings, even though it could ruin modern style?

YES - There should be fire escapes on the outside, ladders and all sorts of things. The WTC could handle a fire, but there needs to be better escapes on these buildings in the future!
NO - This was a horrific horrid incident. Even if you put loads of stairs outside and everywhere would it really have helped The building was stylish and an amazing site and landmark and it had good safety escape routes inside.

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