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classic slogan of the day "have a heart, for iraq!"

The police say that there was just over 500,000 people in the London anti-war protest today and the organisers say just under 2 million and would make it the biggest ever protest in the UK. (there is 58 million people in the UK, so 2/58 would have been there!), I wanted to know,how the hell do you count them? lol surely it is impossible! I think there was nearer 2 million people with the length of time it took to walk the short route, 2 hours to get to Hyde Park.

One thing that cracked me up was that one theme of it was "make tea, not war!" and it made me think of mr_wunderful with his tea and scones ;) I tried to find a banner picture of it, but alas none. I like this one from the Tokyo march though...

Tokyo, Japan

Did you go Rina?

I wish I could have gone, I am kindda glad I didn't though. It would have been stressful for me with millions of people and it would have been cold etc. But I guess sometimes you have to protest and make your views.

There was a really cute American guy interviewed on BBC News and was asked was the march "very anti-american?" He said no, nobody was rude to him speaking or tried to hurt him. But he felt ashamed that everyone in the world thinks all Americans support the administration. It was really cool there was no violence at all, because it makes a peaceful march look better.

In other exciting news... I tried to watch rugby today as a real game and not to check out hot guys. It didn't work I don't understand all the points stuff! There should be more rugby p0rn in the world *personal opinion* A cute rugby guy died today :(

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