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Al sent me this really cool person's journal

The guy has loads of pictures from news sources of the disaster, and a brilliant screen grab from CNN showing the before and after skyline. First time I have seen it though the clouds of smoke!

There is a building near the WTC, which has a pointy bit, which looks exactly like a building here in London. That was evacuated yesterday, because it was tall and they were worried.

Jenn wrote about the AOL poll, with most people wanting U.S. military retaliation for the attacks. Ironically on this daily UK news discussion show they had the same poll, but worded it as...

Should the UK support America in action against the attacks?

The results were 75% yes. I think that is a badly worded question, cos it depends what it means by "action". There is some fear in the UK now that if we support the US and they bomb various countries, then we will get into trouble too. If the question means do we support the US in using discussion and procedures to investigate it and help them now then I would vote yes. Knowing Bush he will start bombing countries and war will start.

Christine (yell if you need anymore YH information), wrote that she loves Tony Blair. He has a really strong point in that he has very good at live speeches. He can make emergency speeches spontaneously and take questions live, he deals with it very well. Bushes speeches are so lame ,but I guess reassuring?

Sara told me that ISLAM = means "peace". I never knew that before. I was gonna write a journal piece a few weeks ago about Muslimism. I find it very hard to accept the religion, although I have friends who are Muslim. It's the largest growing religion in the world and in 10 years 1/3 of the world will be Muslim. (Christianity is the religion with the largest amount of worshippers leaving). I will write about it sometime.

But it must be horrid if you are Muslim or Arab in America now. The people who did this crazy stuff were Terrorists, not an entire country or religion or race.

They are making a big thing about the number of British dead in the WTC. It's sad about the emergency services people who have died saving people :(

I guess everyone is shocked, but a psychologist on TV this morning said that the terrorists wanted to cause disruption and fear. The best thing to do, is too do stuff normally. But still if I hear a bang and this morning a car alarm was going off I get really paranoid. (I hate the way when a bomb goes off, all you can hear afterwards are car alarms going off for hours).

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