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Beware of the Dragon

I give you...

Chinatown, London during the Chinese New Year

Saturday 1st Feb was the Chinese New Year and every year in London on the nearest Sunday ie the 2nd this year there is a big festival in China town! I had never been to the Chinatown in London before. Only in San Francisco when we went to CA in like 1991. SF has a far bigger area than here. My parents had not been to the London one for ages either, and when they went last, it was two streets and now its way bigger!

So I had this idea about going to Chinatown. Loads of people who were family friends were going to that area as well. I had not been really out anyway for ages and starting to lose confidence in myself, cos my health has been crappy since like early December.

So we went in the car and went off on Sunday.....

I give you photos -n- stuff...

Trafalgar Square
We first went to Trafalgar Square first of all where there was a stage and various events all day long

closer up pic of Trafalgar Square
The stage & fountain of Trafalgar Square
good pic of the stage Trafalgar Square

Whilst we were there, not much was going on , on the stage but there was loads of police everywhere and crowd control! Loads of fire crackers went off and the pigeons went insane.

We next walked to Leicester Square and there was various stuff going on.
I got a gorgeous paper mini dragon :)

paper dragons

In Leicester Square we saw a small loads of kids in a dragon costume. They were a Chinese martial arts club or something but none of them was Chinese, which was amusing! There was someone playing a REALLY loud drum on wheels behind it.

Next we went down to China Town, it was so crowded and busy.
We saw two dragons there. They were blessing the shops! There was so many restaurants all next to each other and all were full! The dragon dancers would go to a shop door and dance and there was people with flags, smoke and loud cymbals and drums again. One shop had like lettuce on the door, and the dragon dance ripped it up! and it lay on the door enterance "eaten".

I took pics of the dragons, there was two...

China Town Dragon
China Town Dragon blessing shop doorway
China Town Dragon in the street
China Town Dragon number 2!
China Town Dragon cool number 2
China Town gateway
China Town gateway 2

We then had some Chinese take away in the streets and walked back towards the car. We stopped at Trafalgar Square again and it was so crowded then! There is a church on the square and my dad wanted to go and see the crypt. It was so gorgeous and had a huge cafe! We had tea and coffee and cake type things :)

Anyway the next part of the story (are you bored now?). This cute blonde guy came up to me, when both my parents went off to the toilet. I cannot be bothered to recall it again, so just gonna post my conversation with the delectable firelovemiss D

[00:59] DANielJ UK: a cute Swedish guy chatted me up!
[00:59] Rupaul on Acid: oh hhh!?!?!?!
[01:00] DANielJ UK: well just said about 2 lines lol but he was cute
[01:01] Rupaul on Acid: LMAO ... 2 lines is chatting you up. ;) What did he
say!? : )
[01:03] DANielJ UK: he said "its very busy today with Chinese new year, its
crazy isnt it?" or something
[01:04] DANielJ UK: or very exciting or something
[01:04] DANielJ UK: i was drinking in a little cafe in a crypt at the time
[01:04] DANielJ UK: (dont ask)
[01:04] Rupaul on Acid: sounds romantic! LoL
[01:04] DANielJ UK: and i said "yes" or something lame and then i said
"where are you from, you have a gorgeous accent?"
[01:04] Rupaul on Acid: :oD!
[01:04] Rupaul on Acid: That was a good come back.
[01:05] DANielJ UK: and he said i am from Sweden
[01:05] DANielJ UK: he was blonde and cute
[01:06] DANielJ UK: and i said "is it a good job here?"
[01:06] DANielJ UK: cos it looked kindda cool
[01:06] DANielJ UK: and he said "nah crappy really"
[01:06] DANielJ UK: and then my parents came back, cos he came up to the
table and there was awkward silence lol
[01:11] Rupaul on Acid: LoL! well that was lovely!
[01:13] DANielJ UK: i would sleep with him
[01:13] DANielJ UK: lol

I kindda felt happy cos a guy actually talked to me and possibly fancied me, but that could all be in my mind lol!
Then we went home :)

I took a final pic of a Chinese Family's house in my street with their door decorations

in my street

The End, now I am going to sleep ;)

Good Luck Symbol

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