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You're Dismissed!

Hello me lovelies,
Yesterday was strange, I was thrown out of a web ring *and* got my online account at a bank suspended, but it was not bad or anything! I actually worked on my old homepage which is really scary, I removed everything that was broken. I need to work on my domain and make something.

I am just so crap at pictures and graphics! I emailed someone who I know is so brill at pretty pictures and asked how do you make words and stuff for a homepage in programmes? If I try it just looks like normal text, not like graphics or logos ARGH!
I think I am just bad at art , you are either born with a creative mind or athletic mind I think or not!

The web ring was amusing, the web ring owner had emailed me before and I kindda ignored it, cos the code on my page was working fine and then got a rude email removing me lol, I wrote and apologies and said "is the automatic code checker correct"?

I entered my "security" question in 3 times wrong so got my online section of my bank account suspended lol. It does not affect my account at all, just cannot access it from there! It's stupid, it has a username, password and question, but the answer to the password and question are in **** so you cannot see what you wrote! ARGH
This is the second time this has happened and you have to phone a number. It's so embarrassing saying "what is your username?" "shoppingqueen" LOL ARGH
the phone guy so must know I am gay!

I had a interesting phone call with my funktastic friend Rich, to his mobile in a shop, where I could not hear much and could not put together any English sentences anymore that made any sense LOL!

I also chatted with someone on web cam, on net meeting who wasn't rich! It was a miracle. I am too shy and look to shit on any cameras ever. He was cute [the guy, but taken]

The world goes around all the time and life continues, like the sands of time these are the days of our lives etc etc blah

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