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I emailed two old school friends and it was nice to get replies.
One person already knows I am gay, but the other does not. She may have suspected in high school though but dunno. Should I come out to her or not?

If I do, she might tell everyone from my school but why would I care? that is past history. I guess I am just scared that I will be walking down the street and someone says faggot just randomly to me. I do think that I am ashamed to be gay, well not ashamed but not accepted it in myself, although I like guys!

If I don't come out to her, I am hiding secrets of my life now and have to keep making sure my e-mail signature does not have my journal or homepage in!

I have asked people during the day, but if you wanna give me your views, comment/e-mail/tell me sometime on the various messaging progs I use.

I am just scared I suppose.

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