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Ice Age Britain

[11:59] Devoid Droid: why is there a bbc weather special on? not cos of the national snow disaster i hope!
[11:59] Urban Distinction: ugh no way
[11:59] Urban Distinction: what about the people without snow!
[11:59] Devoid Droid: don't ask me!
[12:00] Devoid Droid: "ice age britain" bbc weather headline!
[12:00] Devoid Droid: on bbc1
[12:00] Devoid Droid: and news 24
[12:00] Urban Distinction: does that mean we get dinosaurs again?
[12:01] Devoid Droid: lol

we still have snow and fucked up everything, but its not actually snowing anymore, its bright and sunny ;)

I really should go and stop posting ;) *mwah*
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