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shock, gasps and tips!

I said tips damn you, nothing else :)

My hard drive actually works and I am still alive, its a miracle of computing! I shall write about that later (i.e. next month, at my rate of posting stuff! I still have snow pics to edit and post! grrr).

I found out something shocking on Monday. For my whole life up to now, I have been pronouncing "Boston" wrong! I always say like "Bosten" but its like "Boss-tonne". I only found this out after discussing a movie in Boston with my family!

My Cam Portal has filled up and I need to create new pages for it. But like a idiot who votes the British National Party in, in the North of England, I never saved a blank template of my portal. So have to make one all over again and also have to change the menu bars on every page! argh

It's so windy and rainy and cold in London and the good news is we might get snow again yeeeey!
that's like the only good thing happening ;)
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