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all aboard the love train chooo chooo!

well okay not the love train!
I shall write about electricity fun later ,we got it back at 2am on Tuesday! ugh

One thing I wanted to write that day, but was unable to post in the end was that all the UK media had the story about Anastacia's Breast Cancer. It's really sad :( But hopefully she will be fine after treatment and she is young. It scares me that as I get older, I know more and more people who have had cancer treatment or died of cancer or another terminal illness :(

My brother had his practical driving test today. He started driving lessons in January last year! He passed. It's really weird though you can have up to 15 "minor warnings", but if you get one or more serious or dangerous (even worse!) warnings you fail automatically! You have to finish the test though and the instructor tells you at the end. My brother had 5 minor warnings, and passed! (its a miracle!!)

He got 2 warnings, cos he drove in a bus lane, but it was a bit unfair because he was sure on that road that it was okay to drive at the time there (it was in the morning, and some bus lanes are only between certain times!). He got the times wrong lol.

Now no road is safe!
I am too scared to learn to drive. It seems so stressful and you have to look at so much at once and also everyone tells me everyone is so rude in the other cars to you etc. (also I am not sure if I can drive on health grounds!). I still have my provisional licence though. It expires in 2020! He wants to get a little car and then he can take me everywhere! lol hehe.

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