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I'm poor *gasp*

I had a bit of a shitty week really with unexpected surprise's. I need to scan something in, but basically someone committed fraud using my name! argh grrr

I was gonna post my top 10 new year's resolutions like last years (old post link). you know I have broken every single one of my resolutions so far, but basically get better at journal posting, get better at updating and making new content for my website (gasp!) and get better at replying to peoples emails, and actually get organised!

Also I wanna go on a diet and lose loads of weight.

So far nothing has happened, but this year has gone weird so far.

I got a visa card bill and it was up to a certain amount which shocked me totally! if you are brave enough, you can see the amount

my credit card bill is up to £1000! the scary thing is that /a/ I rarely leave the house to go shopping and /b/ I have not brought anything that costs that much! I guess I run up bills by buying lots of small pointless things!

So as another shocking decision I have decided to economise!! I have cancelled nearly everything that takes money and cancelled p0rn argh! I think 2003 is my year of being miserable! god I am turning so bitter with age.

All the snow has melted :( but still got ice! I have to resize my pics and then post them (my digital camera's pics are HUGE in size and format argh).

I wanna make new lj icons too! I have decided to make a timetable of things to do lol eg "this hour - email, this hour - make stuff" etc! I am so un-motivated!
this is a happy smilie post really :)

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