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Friends Reunited

My evil friend / best friend Catherine sent me a site = Friends Reunited .co.uk Apparently it is like the American site Class Mate's .com

I first started reading it on Saturday and heard about it in adverts and had never been. I joined up and it really depressed me. It had many people from all my schools that I have been too, and about 30 from my school year in High School out of the year of 220 pupils.

It gets me down, because all these people are doing stuff. I left in 1995, to go to college for 2 years. They have achieved a lot of stuff, and I feel like I have done nothing since 1996. I have nothing in records. I was eventually persuaded to write about what I am doing now....

Daniel John

Hiya this is Daniel,

I went to Montpelier Primary School, and then went to the "wonderful" Twyford Church of England High. I left in 1995 after GCSE's and went to Richmond College to do A levels in Media Studies, History and English Literature.

Sadly I got ill in January 1996 with Glandular Fever and then got ME, which I am still suffering from now.

When I feel better there is lots of things I want to catch up on, but don't think I will go to university.

Catherine Tondel is still my best friend and still have contact with some people from Twyford

I didn't want to write anything, I don't want anyone to know about me and my life. But was persuaded.

The scary thing is that everyone from my old school seems to have gone to university and got a degree and is either now "travelling" or "working in recruitment".

I pray that I never work in recruitment or sell network marketing, or sell over the phone! ARGH

I emailed two old friends from the site. I don't really want to tell them I am gay. I am too scared.

I used to have nightmares that everyone in my school found out I was gay and saying stuff. who cares now, it was years ago! But still, hardly anyone really knows.

I wish I could say that if someone does not like me then it's their problem, they should accept me as I am but I can't. I worry too much about public opinion and am far too paranoid.

Quite a few celebrities went to all my schools, and Jay Kay from Jamiroquai went to my high school allegedly (I knew he lived in Ealing, he used to date my friends sister for a month).

Do I want to get in touch with the past?
I think it depressed me, cos it was real life.

I would far rather have a few good friends, then loads of people who try to act to be your friend. The closest friends are the best and stay with you forever.

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