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snow cam now off! Today it snowed all around the UK and London had the most snow for the last 12 years! I want more snow dammit. I took pics and shall post at sometime.

One thing that really annoys me about people! In different countries, words have different meanings (just in the English language). Words might be considered offensive in America, which are just normal words in the UK, and vice versa. eg example the film title Austin Powers 2 - The Spy Who Shagged Me is actually offensive in the UK. Well not offensive but shagged is a humorous "adult" word and it was amusing tv channels and media editing the title during the day and stuff. There was radio ads for the film without the tag line, and the film title the spy who s***** me was printed often.

I find that a lot of American's use the word retard/retarded a lot in normal conversation. I find that quite shocking. But I think that, that word is less tolerated in the UK, than America. It's considered quite offensive to disabled people with mental illness here, but in America people use it a lot. ie... that is so retarded..... Even Britney Spears was caught saying it on microphone backstage. I have no idea how language has changed there that, that is a tolerated term. I guess that each country has different uses of words. faggots has a old alternative meaning in the UK as a food and it always amuses me when old people talk about having *faggots for dinner*, without realising anything is wrong. It's weird that faggot and queer are both words that used to have different meanings and now are used totally differently!

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