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Christmas Presents and more, more, more!

Christmas Day was pretty good, but I hate it at the end argh. It was quite stressful for me going to bed that night cos of certain unwritten here reasons. But it was good really.

snowybear brought me the coolest things as always! a gorgeous pen with daniel on it, a diary for my personal insanity in 2003 with cats and dogs on it and also the coolest of all a magnetic picture frame with those word magnet thingys! (it is a picture frame isnt it love?) its so cool! I made a thankyou message just for you :)

thankyou for the gorgeous stuff Debsy!

I also got....

my digital camera! - digital camera
- Shakira Album (limited edition 'washed and dried' version of 'laundry service')
(I now have Shakira addiction!)
- various books
- various vouchers /money
- snowglobe with the twin towers in it
(do you think if I keep it long enough I can sell it as a rare item?
- mousemat of NYC train system

urmmmm various other things I have temporary forgotten. I didn't get that much cos the camera cost a lot. But its all cool :)

with my camera already I made a short film of my doggy. It takes small 20 secs of film with no sound. I never knew 20 seconds was so HUGE in file size!

this video file is in two sizes (I have compressed it to wmv format and you can play with windows media player etc), small and not so small ;)

Video of my Dog (small 56kb in file size)
Video of my Dog (medium 259kb in file size and muchas better quality and size

the film was taken on Christmas Day and I apologise for my shaking lol

(hint:- if you click directly on the video files it opens them in windows media player and begins downloading and playing. This can take a while on a crappy ole' modem and so if you right click on the links and select "save target as.." you can save it on your drive and then click to play. the files are pretty small really though, just buffering can annoy me sometimes whilst I wait for it download.

hope YOU had a good Christmas!

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