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The saga of the computer

my computer died on Monday 2nd December and took it into repair on the Friday (last Friday). We brought this computer from a computer club that I belong to, who made it and took out a two year warranty at the time. (I have to explain the history of it, to talk about the repair hehe). The computer club started off as mail order, but now has some shops. None of them are really near to our house or in London. The computer was brought mail order and if there is problems we can return it to any shop or get someone out to look at it and fix it.

I phoned up about the computer breaking and I thought that the warranty expired at the end of November and they said it was too expensive to send someone out to fix it, so we took it to a shop in Surrey, near Windsor which is not too far really, but still not that near us.

They phoned on Saturday and said they had repaired the computer and that a power spike or something had blown the power supply box and the motherboard and the old motherboard was no longer made or supported (after just two years!). But the computer was found to still be in warranty until the end of December. They said the computer had had a "major upgrade"!

The computer has a surge protector on the plug, so dunno how a "power surge/spike" could have killed it and also how come everything else in the house that is electrical is fine and my dads work comptuer that is plugged straight into a plug is fine!

I went with my father to go and get it on Sunday and its in such a lovely small town with a gorgeous high street of shops. (really near where the magna carta was written!) called Egham, in Surrey. Anyway basically they kept the hard drive and replaced everything else! There was a new power supply, a new motherboard (this one), and a Athlon XP 2200+ processor and new ram and a new case! We did really well out of it, we basically got double what we had before! I am still not sure about Athlon though. Before we had Pentium 3, 800mhz and 128mb ram and now 256mb ram (the processor/motherboard needed a different type of ram), and the case has 6 usb ports instead of 2 (and 2 in the front which is really useful).

So now the computer is working again, and its like a early Christmas present really. Now I just need a new second large hard drive ;) The cost of it all was free to us, but we reckon is over £300. The warranty expires at the end of December.

It's funny trying to update your lj with wap from your mobile phone. For some strange reason, whenever I typed ' its come up as /' weird. Also I really badly worded about my dog. He has not been put to sleep argh! He was put to sleep for the dental surgery and then woken up, but that was really stressful cos he has a bad heart and he might not have woken up, but he is fine :) Damn my bad wording typing into a tiny little screen.

One problem with having no internet for a week is all the email stored up!

emails downloading

All the email was like 50% spam, 30% mailing lists that I never read, 10% other stuff, 9% livejournal comments and 1% personal email! LOL I have only just finished getting everything downloaded from the mailboxes.

I surprisingly did well without the internet. I have always said that I could not live for 24 hours without it, but lasted 7 days! I did not miss chatting to people all that much although missed people and knowing how they were, but I really missed being able to look up information on products and films and tv. eg "who was in that film?". I guess I missed being about to look up info on things and also I really missed looking at my livejournal friends page, which I many times a day

I survived, and pray I never have to live that long with out the net again ;)

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