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the great workshop in the sky

Went shopping with drunkgothCatherine on Thursday and spent money and brought HEAVY things to bring back argh!

Anyway put my mobile phone into service. It has a fault where it keeps crashing, and for once I cannot see how it can be my fault at all! Anyway they are sending it off for 7-10 days to the great mobile mending place in the sky and gave me a phone to borrow.

They brought out a Motorola and I was like cool, and it did not work and I ended up with a Siemen's C45 argh! I was praying it would not be Catherine's old phone and it was! She has a new phone now, but had that before and I can honestly say its the worst phone in the world EVER!

If you were designing a phone that had everything in the wrong place and hard to use, it would win straight off and it takes me about 1 hour to type a text to someone lol!

I just have 6 or so days left, will I survive without going insane and killing someone?

P.S ~ I got a new sim card with this phone and going across the phones, it stored everything, old texts and everything which is really cool :)
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