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I suddenly found out tonight that my old homepage on geocities, which I wanted to keep there - has totally been removed!

All my files and everything is gone.

I have had this with yahoo before, but they are such a bastard to email! I guess that if they don't provide contact details anywhere then they can save a lot of money on staff answering problems.

I want to know why my stuff has vanished and what the hell is going on. I did not get any emails about this with them.

My homepage has been there for years and does not have illegal content or anything breaking their rules. I've probably just lost everything now *sigh*.

The portals are desperately trying to make profits and I am sorry but no person in their right mind would pay for a yahoo or hotmail email address or pay for server space with yahoo geocities. People would host with a proper hosting company, rather than the over priced charges of them.

I have been spending ages trying to contact yahoo and found a page finally, but I should go and sleep. fuckwitts

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