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The wonderful company wrote runs all .uk domains called Nominet decided earlier this year that it would change its policy on what it shows when you WHOIS a domain (look up the info on the domain). Currently in America and all American domains (eg .com .org .net etc) they list the person who registered that domains name, address and phone number and other details about it. However in America people use fake addresses and phone numbers or PO BOX addresses.

Nominet decided to do this on the uk domains. Currently at the time it just showed name of registrant and company who did it for them and other stuff but no personal information. However if you sign up to something and know your personal details are not displayed you think you are safe. Nominet started sending out "certificates" when you register and you have to return a form to say you have got it. So your address has to really work! (although I never sent your form back Debs and your domain still works lol ;) ). Also apparently if you pay the expensive fees of a PO BOX address in the uk, you can ask the postal service (for free!) to look up any po box address and see where it goes too (eg forwarded to another address or a box). So what's the point in buying one then! grrrr

People were outraged at this new system, especially as in the contract it basically says they can change anything they want once you have brought your domain! Now Nominet have really scaled down their plans, but you can see them here

Now they will include a address if its a commercial address (from 1st October) and for everyone unless you "opt out" from 1st December. But guess what, I cleverly registered my domain as "shoppingqueen industries inc" and they have just added my address to the public internet, without even telling me!

grrrr I have to contact who I registered with to change it or change my name. I don't want my details public. I am no privacy freak like snowyb (or maybe sensible) but I don't want everyone and anyone being able to search me. I do give my phone and address details to some people who I have known for a while online and feel I can trust

Be warned if you are in the UK and own a domain, check what your tag is now saying because anyone could just look you up! (and of course if you try to use false information they could void the domain) grrrr.

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