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It's all about me and me and you

I really need to update this 'ole thing more often!

My health has not been great for the last few weeks, just not been back to normal (normal exhaustion for me). My councilor has become more like *pressurised* to make me go out and do stuff! e.g. I have to do new and greater things. I told my counselor last time that I thought I was ugly. He knows that I have low self-esteem and self-loathing.

more stuff has happened in the past....
its fucked up when you do something that you have not done in like 5 years! something you used to do

Anyway on Thursday 29th August my parents forced me to go to our local Chinese restaurant. Round the corner from our house is a fabulous Chinese restaurant and its owned by a family in a our street and the next street. I went to school with their oldest daughter and my brother went to school with one of their sons. Its Peking cuisine.

I have never been back to a restaurant since 1996 when I first got ill. I never really wanted to go since...

I know my limits,
I know what I can handle and do,
Restaurants would make me feel trapped,
loads and loads of people,
all eating around tables.

The family who own this restaurant always ask about me, I normally have a take away from there when my parents go. In the end I said that I would go and have a starter and a drink and then take a main course home with me in a bag ;) So we walked around today and it was really quiet that night and just one other family eating when we went in.

It went really well and had loads of food, and it was really quiet, and I was fine
We always get calendars and chopsticks and prawn crackers and loads of stuff from them. Also we got some stuff in the courses that we did not pay for. (It is quite a expensive place anyway). I did eat with chopsticks or Gina would have killed me ;)

It was pretty cool and went home happy. But scared to go to restaurants again :)

That week our oldest cat (we have two cats and a dog) had been quite unwell (she is the one who always sleeps on my bed). She had been sick a lot and stuff (reminds me of Rusty's immense fun!

She seemed to be getting better but my father took her to the vet on Friday night and they kept her in :( It was funny cos on Thurs night I said to my brother "you can see her ribs", and he sad that she is just a small cat (not that small!). She was quite dehydrated and was on a drip.

We got her back on Sunday and I had never seen that vets place cos it had opened since 1996. The bill was soooo expensive, £130! (vets bill here)

She had a little bandage on and it was soooo sweet awwww

Rosie the cat Meow says Rosie

She is doing really cool now.

That's everything dahhhling!

Happy belated 21st Birthday to Markus cos he didn't want a big thing! Now you can drink and go wild baybee *mwah* :)

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