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Finally a entry, some people cryed, and literally cried!

I've not updated for ages, cos I have been working a lot on my homepage and didn't seem to get around to actually doing html work_and_a journal entry in a evening lol.

After the last really old post/poll here in which I asked what I did today? Well actually my councillor never turned up for our meeting grrrr and I was there! Note that I say on the post answer tomorrow and I posted that on 6th August! Most people got the counsellor thing right, but some people thought that I discovered my inner child, after making a salad. Oh please honey, I only discover my inner child with battery powered sextoys.

Loads of stuff has happened recently but must write about it and gotta go and get to sleep really soon :)

I have felt a bit shitty healthwise really. Today I woke up and my chest really hurts! I sometimes get pains in my lungs, as part of my asthma but this was different. I realise now after having it all day (and pain killers doing nothing) that I think somehow I have bruised my ribcage! ugh. God knows how I did that whilst sleeping, it must be acting out my wild erotic dreams lol

I shall post again, some time (possibly tomorrow)

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