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dealing wit it

oooh sooo tired and busy. I keep falling asleep after washing up and never getting online argh!

This time with my parents away has been stressful! Stupid problems keep happening, that I have to deal with, I guess it is just coincidence they happen whilst they are away.

My parents went last Wednesday and my brother. As soon as they go a light in the bathroom downstairs goes (which is not near my bedroom anyway) and the bulb is like near impossibly to change lol. Also suddenly a light on the cooker is flicking and about to go!

On Thursday I had a really bad headache but it went and was doing fine. The Dog was really unwell and like limping with one paw and like really sleepy. I was really scared about it. It started on Thurs, but seemed better on Saturday. I was scared what to do and how to get him to the vet and stuff. argh

Miss Catherine (if you're nasty) came over on Friday and we had a night of getting drunk and drag queen make-overs! yey!

Took some pictures of this, which I need to upload sometime but one is on my webcam currently, and you can see it on my livejournal userinfo

I went to bed at 5am and it was really freaky cos it was like light outside! I woke up looking like shit. I took all the make up and everything off before going to bed, but eyeliner does not remove by any known chemical or water.

I woke up looking like shit, and had to deal with loads of problems including a row between neighbours nearly resulting in a punch up! ARGH I will write about it tomorrow, too tired now

should go and sleep :)

Kyra, I have rented by post Hedwig And The Angry Inch, it better be good ;)

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