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insanity at 2am

argh my parents go on holiday tomorrow, well today now really and I will be all alone for 2 and 1/2 weeks! My brother is going with them.

I HATE it before going away, even if I am staying, the packing and everything is so stressful and everyone is in a bad mood and ironing and doing loads of last minute things!

Also I suddenly realised that I needed to return a really important form to the Department of Social Security about my Disability Living Allowance. It expires every 2 years and it is so stressful getting it renewed. You have to fill in a million pages of stupid questions.

I got this in like April and forgot about it ,and it needs to be done before August, or they cut my money off! argh so form filling in panic!

But from tomorrow night, its party time over here! ;)

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