Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

Glastonbury 2002

I dream of festivals!

old webcam image from Sunday

One year I really want to go to Glastonbury festival or any festival. Even though my looks will be ruined by the forces of camping in nature, it would be cool!

This years Glastonbury was pretty cool. I hate that the stuff I love has only like 2 songs broadcast on BBC and the crap stuff has whole sets broadcast!

I liked:-

- Faithless*
- Nelly Furtado*
- Dandy Warhols
- Shibusashirazu Orchestra (crazy man, crazy)
- Bush
- Stereophonics (they are okay, my mum loves them and they can really sing)
- No Doubt* (hella good)
- Issac Hayes
- Rolf Harris (voice of the youth honey)
- Manu Chao (insane but brilliant)
- Garbage
- Orbital
- Air
- Groove Armada
- Kosheen* (fierce fierce fierce)
- Beverley Knight

I disliked:-

- Coldplay (waaaay over-hyped and seem to have no ability to actually sing their own stuff)
- The White Stripes (hate them , hate them, they are so over hyped too as the greatest thing ever, but both have bad voices and crap songs, and its way too incestial)
- Rod Stewart (his voice is so gone! the backing singers literally totally supported him)
- The Vines (a review said they started badly and warmed up, urmm no they never improved)

*artists are people I really love before the festival

I was really annoyed that I missed Ani DiFranco, because wanted to see her live and see what she looked like grrr and she was on the main pyramid stage.

I wish the BBC would show more of the attractions and theatre and all the drag queen acts and stuff. I guess the main stuff is more popular to televise!

It does make you realise one thing though, how bad the pop acts and manufactured chart crap are, when all the good stuff is playing life at festivals (not pop concerts).

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