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The Dancing Lady

Last night I spoke to my friend Rich who I haven't spoken to for ages. As I know about 10 Rich's at the moment, he is the only UK Rich I know :)
I don't know why I kindd haven't spoken to him for 3 weeks, it's like sub-consciously like avoiding, but I don't know why! Call in the hypnotist

I spoke to him from 12am to 5am LOL I am so dead tired today doh!

I decided to start my own gay bookshop sometime in the future, and we were thinking of names, like The Pink Papers (It's also a gay free newspaper here and am sure they would sue lol), Manly Manuscripts, Butch Books etc etc. People wonder why I don't drink, smoke or do drugs rarely anymore, well I am high and insane most of the time anyway lol

Nearly all channels change to American Infomercial channels at 4am , god on Sci Fi they had Shop America and you could lose weight with tapes for only £150, ($200) as Rich said on the phone, I ain't fucking paying that, if I wanna lose weight - I would starve myself for free lol!

Some channels in the UK have started putting people signing programmes in the corner. I mean they have had that before, but now more! MTV even subtitles some videos. Last night on MTV at 4am, they had a brilliant signing women for the deaf. She was black and gorgeous and like really hip and modern, and she was in the corner of the screen ,and when someone spoke she signed and when there was music, she went crazy! hehe She starting dancing in the corner and signing more expressionality, she was like one of those dancing flowers, when the music starts LMAO. She was so awesome! every channel should permanently have a button to turn on signing ;)

I so wanna learn sign language now (I always have had a ambition to learn it oneday).

I am having a girls night sleep over tonight, I wanted it 80's 'Grease' stylee, but then Miss Sarah reminded me, I would have to worship Bon Jovi and stuff lol, so instead just gonna go insane another night and never sleep!
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