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Injury by oven chip

I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep *again* lol.

I had oven chips with my lunch (I am just the epitome of health dahhhling), and I was eating one and it went down my wind pipe /airway tube type thing (technical medical term). I choked and it came back into my mouth and I chewed it and digested it properly.

However the chip was a little spiky at the sides and it managed to give me a sore throat, all yesterday evening argh. Is that possible? I gave myself a sore throat with a chip lol.

I watched the UK premiere of Six Feet Under tonight (now Monday night) and it was really cool. Really dark but really funny. You feel like uncomfortable about it, but laughing at things happen and people breaking down.

Shit happens, we all die in the end.

American Translation:~ Chip = Fries
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