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funny story, yet true! Big Brother 3 started in the UK on Friday.

There was lots of stories and speculation about the brand new house and many other countries had a house with a "heaven" side and a "hell" side. When this house was revealed, it does not have this.

However I was looking thought pics of rooms on the official site and some of the pictures are weird. They show bars cutting across rooms! I said this to Rich and he said I should post it in the Digital Spy forums. I don't really post in newsgroups and forums anymore. I just cannot be arsed, and always scared that I will break that groups charter.

In the end I did my first post there, and the thread went insane! The thread that I started with my observation post is here. Then it was on their news page as a story.

The next day loads of newspapers had it in, and The Sun had it as the frontpage headline!

Anyone could have seen that stuff, I just found a few pictures that were out of place on the website, and other people had seen them as well. But I got onto a news story (although they did not mention my name, just my forum thread! lol).

Being famous is just so hard ;)

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