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- My Weekend -

in 10,000 words or less ;)

I kept trying to write stuff, but either Live Journal is down and dead or the pages I want to talk about / get info from are down.

My weekend really started on Thursday kindda. Went to the councillor person (I still gotta write about it sometime, maybe will do private, I don't want everyone knowing about my insanity!). After that I helped my mum go shopping in our local Waitrose supermarket.

The first time I went into a large supermarket for ages was Asda in Bournemouth, when I went on holiday. I like it, there is so many hot guys. I guess everyone has to go food shopping. I always accidentally drive my trolley into them and crash into them. Marriage has not occurred from this as yet.

On Friday, I saw Catherine and we went out and got caught in a rain storm, so went into a Sainsburys to shelter and so I have been shopping like hell, well did not buy that much stuff really. lol the shopping in the basket in Sainsburys was so camp hehe. We went to Macdonalds drive thru after that :)

Friday night Big Brother 3 started and I watched it live on E4 all night and fell asleep lol! I felt so unwell the next morning on Saturday hehe.

Saturday of course was the most important day of the year. Yes it was the annual Eurovision Song Contest (Official Site Here) Some people say its lame, some people say its bad, but honey everyone knows its the euro-gay night of the year! I swear oneday I want a gay Eurovision party, and all my English friends will be there! (you will be there damn you!!).

England came third with a crappy song, never trust anyone singing with the surname "Garlick" momma always told me. It was in Estonia, who won last year (and I fancied a guy in the last years winning band but bored of him now). Latvia won! My own personal fave to win was the Slovenian Transvestite Air Hostesses. It's tacky, its European and all friendly countries vote for each other. Israel did really badly, which was kindda mean :( It got low voting, but Denmark came last!

Competition results here

My personal fave ever was Dana International who was a Transsexual from Israel and won! She was brilliant and fierce. Oneday I shall have a party :)

Then Sunday, was just Sunday!

I must write about my weekend celebrity status! I am so famous now :) But that shall happen tomorrow, I must go and sleep hehe

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