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Libre Cuba

I was really amused by Bush's speech about Cuba when I was eating one day and channel flicking and saw it on CNN.

He said stuff about he wants Cuba to have a 'free and fair election', well there wasn't one in his election as president. There is a lot of evidence now of discrepancies.

He gave a list of things he wants Cuba to change before he will trade with them and talked about giving money to help, just goes to "Castro" and was a waste. Well where does all the American energy money go? Mostly back to his Bushiness ugh, its such hypocrisy.

I found out something the other day that shocked me. Most American budget goes into "fighting terrorism" and the military, more than say education, but what shocked me is that the US gives one of the least amounts of money to charity or other countries aid, then almost any country in the world. They give something like 1% to charity, when Poland give 3%. I really have to stop bitching about the US, I wanna move there one day! Well I think I do, I dunno. Let's hope Bush is gone by then.

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