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"Your Country Breakfast Is Ready!"

Wanna hack into hotmail? Click Not that I promote hacking in anyway, but they will close the hole soon anyway hehe.

Surviving okay at home. It has been one week so far! Yesterday my cat was ill. I was woken up at 4am on Sunday morning and she wanted a lot of attention and there was sick all over my room argh. I spent the whole day clearing the house! I was so worried, like how would I deal with this crap and was she okay. But she was eating and stuff and seems okay today. I think she had a furball in her throat or something.

I got my shopping direct off the net today. It's funny, its LETHAL for me to shop from a supermarket online, cos I just select stuff from every section and spend more than my parents spend on 4 people in one week hehe. I wish oneday I could like just buy stuff I actually need and not go insane.

I am tired but doing ok, just exhausted :)

site of the week: Outsports!Outsports A friend of mine, Cyd- runs this site and it's wonderful. It proves gay people or anyone can do ANYTHING they wanna, and also has cute guys!
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