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Current Addictions

Current things I am addicted too....

- The League Of Gentlemen - It's funny how I get addicted to wacky tv shows when I am going to bed and channel flicking! I am so addicted, and it's so brilliant and funny/scary/weird. I am currently renting all DVD's of the series to watch lol.

- Seattle - it's where all the kool kids live baybee! and James has got me addicted to the town. Plus they have a monorail dewd!

- Summer - I need summer! Summer makes me happy and smilie! Although then I complain wargh it's too hot, I wish we had air conditioning, etc etc. America gets heatwaves, we get 2 days of nice weather followed by storms.

- Football Players - Some people are trying to convince me that Baseball Players are hotter! but nooooo, American Football Players are still my #1 baby! Even though on the Outsports poll here Baseball Players are 38% the hottest leading! I can't decide if I prefer American Football players, or Rugby players or Australian Rules Football players argh the pressure.

- A Different World - I got addicted to this old 80's series once again when going off to bed at like 2am hehe. It's on the Paramount Comedy Channel and is weird. It's REALLY pro-black and all about black kids in college, but really funny and addictive. God why did all 80's black guys on tv wear those awful sunglasses with the darkened lenses that go upwards and wear them constantly? Eddie Murphy always had them too. I love Dawnn Lewis from the series though!

song of the week: the awesome brilliant brilliant X-press 2 featuring David Bryrne (ex-lead singer of Talking Heads)- Lazy
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