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Honey, you SMELL like a whore!

Me and a friend online always argue when we chat. We love each other really, but we have awesome abusive conversations LOL

Last Night....

JA> You look like a whore!
ME> Honey, It takes me hours to get this look ;)

I wish I was more mature, I doubt that will ever happen

There was a girl in my old high school, let's call her "Becky", well actually that was her real name lol, but we never got on! I cannot remember why. Her step sister was this famous women who presents computer games programmes. We used to argue all the time and one time there was some kind of evening meeting in the school. It was the end and everyone was leaving and it was me, her and Catherine. We had this really strange conversation, it was like this....

"You look gorgeous today"
"thankyou, you look even more gorgeous"
"thankyou, your clothes really suit you"

It went on for like 10 mins of compliments LOL Catherine could not stop laughing, it was a weird sarcastic fight. I dunno why we did not get on, but I think she knows I am gay now argh. I wonder if anyone else in my old year is gay. No one would dare admit it in school. I wonder if any of the hot boys....

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