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When I was going to bed last night at about 3am, channel flicking through the channels there was a repeat of Larry King Live from a few hours earlier on CNN talking about Queer As Folk (US), "Immoral or Harmless".

I don't cope that well with debate shows that debate homosexuality, cos it always tends to get me depressed and down. This was discussing the show, but shows where they debate the whole homosexuality issue piss me off. Like people have a choice?

Things like "being born Caucasian, does it make you evil?" doesn't happen. On these debates its like "I think homosexuality is immoral and should be banned", well what about me, what do I do?

The discussion on Queer as Folk was amusing, some really republican guy who "watched the first 3 episodes taking notes, and was shocked by the sodomy and content of them".

Whatever, but if people choose to watch the show they will ,and if they hate it they won't watch it again. It's funny the people with real moral problems about TV shows tend to not watch it at all and then comment, or watch it secretly but still say they hate it!

Queer as Folk (UK version) was a shock when it was on British TV ages ago because *gasp* it showed gay people having fun.

Obviously homosexuals should only be shown on TV being tortured or burned, or finding god and "converted to heterosexuality, to save their soul" (lol Rich reminds me of the "god channel" radio show, my soul is saved!).

TV should cater for everyone.
But in the dominant Murdoch pay channel market in the UK there is not and has never been ONE gay TV channel. There is a 3 million channels, but nothing for gay people?

Obviously someone watching "Queer as Folk" is now automatically gonna suddenly turn homosexual. Perhaps people watch it as they would rather watch something that is controversial and interesting, than watching Quakers "how to build a barn" monthly. ;)

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