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BBC showbiz presenter dies

The guy who does a lot of Showbiz stuff for the BBC died today (well yesterday really) and it's kindda scary for me, cos I always bitched about him the whole time and feel really guilty now!

He is openly gay which a good point, but I always said he was a waste of space and money when presenting. I am so evil!

I told Rich I felt really bad now and he did a good job really, but he said I should not change my mind just cos he died, he will "bitch about me after my death". I hope people do. I am having a drag wedding and funeral in my life, everyone has to come as their opposite gender!

I am shocked about his death really, and he was just found dead in his house, there is no other details! I told Rich I thought it was homophobic murder, but he said its probably some kind of illness, as he is been sick for the last week.

I will never bitch about anyone again! (well not for the next 3 seconds anyway ;) )

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