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'Would You Like To Become A Part Of My North American Dream?'

Stolen from Sarah with love, although everyone is doing this at the moment...

I ain't going to college, but filling it in anyway, cos I am sooooo rebellious!

WALLET: Fake Leather. Not that I am vegan, just cannot afford real stuff! ARGH maybe it is real , I dunno! I was once mugged and held at knife point (years ago) and my best friend was there, and her photo is in my wallet and the two attackers said "is that your girlfriend?" at the wallet pics and totally did not see Catherine LOL That was amusing. How dear the accuse me of being straight! Why do I have women in my wallet ewwwie :) love you really luv

HAIR-BRUSH: A paddle brush which is good for spanking people with ,until you throw it at someone and crack it argh! Various hair accessories, I do have my own saloon in my bathroom ;)

TOOTHBRUSH: It vibrates and twists!

JEWELRY WORN DAILY: I don't wear anything! I was gonna get my top of my ear pierced, but too scared, it looks too hurty. I have a watch and a gold chain for my 21st, but scared to wear it cos apparently it costs a lot. I want a ring dammit! I want marriage.

SOCKS: black

PILLOW COVER: 2 blue ones, and a gorgeous star cushion, someone named Debs once brought me

BLANKET: I have a blueish duvet type thing with a cat asleep on it at the mo!

COFFEE CUP: don't drink coffee but drink tea out of loads of ones. Got a Xena mug and a Charmed Cappuccino mug and various.

SUNGLASSES: eek I have little round ones. There is digital pictures of me in a pic recently in them, but never putting on the net or sending, I look so bad! Just like the ones of me mysteriously standing diagonally

UNDERWEAR: *looks* although I am 100% against branding, its white CK's

SHOES: I hate wearing shoes in the house, so just in socks ;)

NAILPOLISH: I don't wear it baby! Although my brother does, he is a straight punk/rock sk8ter dude blah

KEYCHAIN: awww it has my name on it, eg "Daniel means this and this" etc, and it has a panda [love pandas] and various other stuff. A goldish metal french sculpture thing I brought in a market, its like a figure with breasts is also on the ring. If you take it away from metal, it goes green, and if it is near, it is gold! odd

COMPUTER: the first family puter we brought is a Packard Bell that we went on the net with, and now this is a sortta small company made one. MAXX PC I swear even if I had the best computer in the world , it would still crash!

FAVORITE TOP: I love guys in tight shirts *faints* I dunno really I have a gorgeous purple T-shirt, and wore it when bleaching my hair. Before we started "why not put a old T-shirt on?" and now I so regret not doing it, as the neckline is white! LOL irony.

FAVORITE PANTS: hot pants duh! I dunno I have these funky like "cargo pants"

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: I only use Aveda, see previous post

SOAP: I wanna make my own! My parents buy gorgeous ones from a local market or from Lush. There they cut your own soap size, and its gorgeous. Karma Soap is nice from them.

PERFUME: I don't really wear anymore. I have loads in my cupboard though.

CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: Nelly Furtado (It was so funny this weekend seeing her on loads of different children's programmes promoting her new single. She had gorgeous Corn Rows and was so like kindda sarcastic on them, in a lovely way. eg asking stupid questions from a 12 year old. Also on one show all these lame popstars had "signed singles" in a competition and she gave away a green lava lamp! awesome

CAR: I can't drive and don't have a car but my parents have a Vauxhall Vectra. I never understand about guys and men. These guys talk to me for ages on the net and send me pics LOL This is my sebring or something I am really clueless! Don't you just sit on a seat and push pedals and stuff?

TELEVISION: There is one in the living room and in my bedroom. My neighbors are on holiday and we sneaked into their house LOL It was so neat and tidy! I am mad cos they have got digital cable already! ARGH We cannot get it just yet, or we lose a good Internet deal tariff, if we change the contract in anyway grrrrr. I am jealous, so moving to their living room, kidding!

TELEPHONE: Various ones around the house
CELLPHONE: Mine is Green, Green is Serene lol. I want a furry cover!

I talk to much about stupid stuff lol

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