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Feelin' Pooey

It's really scary that people are having problems with LiveJournal for the last few days, and I have had no problems at all! That is really freaky! lol. But even more is the fact everyone seems to be able to tell more shemails from females in the quiz than me.

My father came home sick on Monday with the flu, and today and yesterday I have felt really shitty! Yesterday I felt so tired, really really tired, and went to bed early and didn't feel like sleeping at all then and tonight I have felt so dizzy and aching.

Tomorrow I have my first Psychologist "counselling" session in anxiety at 11am argh. The first one is to "evaluate" me. I feel so shit and don't want to go.

It's funny when you get the flu, your skin and hair go terrible ,and limp and shitty! That is why I am wearing a stupid hat in my latest webcam pic lol

I just want to sleep ZzZzZzZzzzzz

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