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Ten Things You Never Knew About Me!

well you might have known them before but anyway lol....

1. I take Anti-depressants and Anti-convulsants

2. I hate my middle name. Actually I don't hate it so much anymore, it's a *okay* middle name. It's Welsh "Huw", it is the same as "Hugh".
I hate people who say my first and surname together as one whole name, eg not in formal conversations, but normally!

3. I have been sick since 24th January 1996

4. My family do not know I am gay. Only my best friends know (who found out when I was drunk at 15 in MacDonald's LMAO). Also everyone online knows. My family is very open-minded, but still I have to tell them that. My brother found out accidentally online (he read my emails)

5. I can never save money! I always spend spend spend. I find it impossible to save about more than £200 in my account. How will I have savings for the future? LOL

6. I don't think I have ever been in love, but am unsure. (in love with someone who is not a family or friend, eg "lover").

7. I am not sure what my ideal type of guy is. I have lots of different types. I like big, strong and tall LOL. I think someone kindda "protective" over me and plays sports lol

8. I have done some college (not university type college), and have had one job working in a Garden Centre I loved my job, and used to see celebrities there, which is weird I know!

9. I only use Aveda, although I am being converted to Lush Products.

10. Men scare me, I get very nervous. Most of my friends are female. I feel talking to a guy on the net or on the phone more stressed, like under pressure, where I can do whatever with my fag hags ;) lol

love love love

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