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# If we took a holiday # (you know you really need it baybee!)

Hey babes and babettes and quasi-babes,

Sunday was REALLY bad during the day, and I did not feel like going online and talking to anyone!
I got picked up at about 11:45pm, we were travelling at night, after Catherine & Stu had done a gig.

I really wanted to cancel the whole thing and pull out of it.
I went to many websites online and there was a lot of good stuff about "coping with panic". Basically with steps of relaxation and that its not a real thing. It's just a fear. Fear's are real but they are not like a virus in the body.

We set off and I felt ill at first and not been on a motorway since 1996, but we speeded down and got to Bournemouth really fast really. It took about 2 hours. Went to bed at about 4:40am.

Woke up today and was doing okay. Did not really do all that much today. I felt really unwell and with bad headaches and stuff at various points. I really wanted to phone my parents and say pick me up and take me home!

But I feel a little better now, and there is a full day left and then meet my parents to go home on Wednesday.

Their flat is really nice and gorgeous, and walked along the beach today which is about 5 minutes walk away from their house. But it was night and it was dark. There was loads of hot good-looking men though.

I keep thinking that I left something on bad at home, and it's burned down. The cats are still there being looked after by someone.

But I am doin okay, and am tired and a little unwell but got there and stuff and there was loads of achievements for me!

speak to you all soon :)

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